Stringent Time Limits for Submitting Formal Documents in Thailand

The Department of Intellectual Property (DIP) of Thailand has imposed a more stringent time limit for submitting formal documents for patent applications effective 21 July 2015.

Previously, patent applicants were allowed to file two 90-day extension requests, followed by a final 30-day extension request for submitting a notarized Power of Attorney, a Deed of Assignment (if applicable) and a Statement of Applicant’s Right to Apply for a Patent (if applicable). Under the new Regulation, patent applicants are required to submit the aforesaid documents within 90 days from the filing date in Thailand, which is final and non-extendable.

The deadlines for submitting a complete Thai translation of the specification and a Certified Priority Document remain the same.

Accordingly, effective 21 July 2015, the important deadlines in Thailand are as follows:


* For non-PCT filings or national phase entries with list of inventors and applicants different from that in the PCT application

** If inventor is the applicant for non-PCT filings
*** For non-PCT filings with priority claim

The above requirement is part of Thailand’s efforts to accelerate the granting a license or permission to any person prior to doing any activity in Thailand.