Hashim Sirajudeen graduated from the University of Tasmania with an LLB (Hons) in 2019 and was subsequently called to the Singapore Bar in July 2021.

Prior to joining Mirandah Law, Hashim worked in a boutique firm that focused on general litigation matters such as criminal, family, and civil law matters. During his tenure, Hashim was able to demonstrate his skill and resourcefulness as a lawyer and had already been involved in multiple matters. Eventually, he took on the role as Lead Counsel in the High Court for a complex matter involving trusts and equity. Hashim has always had a keen eye for Intellectual Property. He seizes the opportunity to be able to intertwine the principles of dispute resolution with Intellectual Property.

As an Associate at Mirandah Law, Hashim assists in matters across a broad range of disciplines including intellectual property law, civil, and commercial litigation as well as estate related matters.

In his free time, Hashim enjoys a game of football and on a good weather day, a little kayaking by the Kallang River.