ASEAN – Twenty-five Children for Twenty-five Years in IP

Patrick Mirandah Co has celebrated its 25th year in a unique fashion: by sponsoring 25 children across Asia.  Gladys Mirandah and other staff members, including Denise Mirandah, Ian Mirandah and Jennifer Fajelagutan, visited adopted children in the Philippines and Indonesia during the firm’s 25th anniversary year. The firm plans to visit Thailand and India in 2012, and other countries where the firm operates in the years ahead.

“Patrick and I have been truly blessed since we started pmc 25 years ago,” says Gladys Mirandah. “We look back with fond memories of the many friends we made in the profession. With a deep sense of gratitude, we adopted 25 children to mark our celebrations.  All of our staff are involved in keeping in touch with ‘our children’ on birthdays and festival celebrations.”

The children range from ages five to eleven.

“We visited the children we are sponsoring and met not only their families but their classmates and school teachers as well,” says Denise Mirandah. “I have never been surrounded by so much love! I returned home with a deeper understanding of what should matter most in our lives.”

The year-long anniversary celebration included an online quiz competition for clients, a staff trip to Bali and production of a coffee table book entitled Looking Back in Gratitude.