New Rules In The Philippines

The Supreme Court of the Philippines announced new Rules of Procedure for IP rights cases on October 18 2011. The Rules took effect on 8 November 2011 and govern new and pending civil and criminal actions for IPR violations lodged before the Special Commercial Courts designated by the Supreme Court.  The Rules aim to eliminate […]

Thailand – Mediation Achieves Impressive Success Rate

Litigation in Thailand has often been stigmatised as lengthy, expensive, cumbersome and convoluted. Indeed, the weight of this fear burdens not so much the infringers of IP rights but, disproportionately more in fact, brand owners themselves.  Where litigation in Thailand has revealed many shortcomings, it has been cast away as commercially non-sensical for the protection […]

Malaysia -Parallel Import Law Clarified

Parallel import is a prevalent business model in the new age economy. However, the laws governing parallel imports are still in infancy and require clarification in many jurisdictions, including Malaysia. In Tien Ying Hong Enterprises v Beenion (2010), the High Court of Malaysia provided the much needed clarification. The plaintiff in this case was the […]

India – Exhaustion In Copyrights

The doctrine of exhaustion or the first sale rule affirms the exhaustion of an asset’s intellectual property rights vested with its owner after its first use or sale. As a result, no further control can be exercised by the owner vis-à-vis distribution or resale of the product. Applying the principle more specifically to the realm […]